TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Skitour Klub, z.s. with its registered office at Přívozní 1064 / 2a, Prague 7, Post Code 170 00, IČ number: 05580421, entered in the Federal Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, section L, entry 67098 (hereinafter as the “Seller”), for the sale of race fees for the Virtual ČEZ SkiTour 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”) and other services or goods related to this Event through an online store at the Internet address

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a virtual race means a sporting activity performed and recorded by a competitor at any place on the dates of the Event. Detailed rules of the virtual races and detailed information can be found HERE.


1.1. These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "terms and conditions") of the seller in accordance with the provisions of § 1751 paragraph 1 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code (hereinafter "civil code"), regulate mutual rights and obligations of the parties arising in relation to or on the basis of a purchase contract (hereinafter referred to as the "purchase contract") concluded between the seller and another natural person (hereinafter referred to as the "buyer") through an online store on the web interface specified below, and their effect is primarily the purchase of services and other additional services or goods related to the Event (hereinafter referred to separately or jointly as the "object of purchase"). The internet shop is operated by the seller on a website located at the internet address (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), through the interface of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "web interface").

1.2. Provisions which differ from the Terms and Conditions can be agreed upon in the purchase contract. Such different provisions in the purchase contract take precedence over the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

1.3. The provisions of the Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract. The purchase contract and Terms and Conditions are written in the Czech language.

1.4. The wording of the Terms and Conditions may be changed or supplemented by the seller. This provision does not affect the rights and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version of the Terms and Conditions.   

1.5. The buyer agrees to the use of distant means of communication when ordering the object of purchase. The costs incurred by the buyer in the use of the distant means of communication in connection with the conclusion of the purchase contract (costs of internet connection, costs of telephone calls) shall be borne by the buyer.

1.6. These Terms and Conditions also inform buyers - consumers of their rights under the contract and consumer protection legislation.

1.7. A buyer (consumer) is any person who, outside the scope of his business activity or outside the scope of independent performance of his profession, enters into a contract with an entrepreneur (seller) or otherwise deals with him (hereinafter and above also referred to as the "consumer").


1.8. These Terms and Conditions are displayed on the website; this allows the buyer to archive and reproduce them.

1.9. In the event that a consumer dispute arises between the seller and the buyer-consumer based on the purchase contract, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the buyer-consumer may file a proposal for out-of-court settlement of such a dispute to the authority for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, in this case the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Central Inspectorate - ADR Department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, e-mail:, web:


2.1. The buyer orders the object of purchase directly from the web interface after registration.

2.2. When registering on the website and when ordering the object of purchase, the buyer is obliged to state all data correctly and truthfully. The buyer is obliged to update the data specified in the order and to inform the seller in case of any change. The data provided by the buyer when ordering the object of purchase is considered to be correct by the seller.


3.1. The option to register for a specific virtual race on the web interface is of an informative nature and the seller is not obliged to enter into a purchase agreement regarding this object of purchase. The provisions of Article 1732 section 2 of the Civil Code shall not apply.

3.2. The web interface contains information on the object of purchase, in particular the prices of individual items of purchase. The prices of the object of purchase remain valid as long as they are displayed on the web interface. This provision does not limit the possibility of the seller to conclude a purchase contract under individually stipulated conditions.

3.3. To order the object of purchase, the buyer fills in the order form on the web interface. The order form contains information namely about:

3.3.1. ordered race fee,

3.3.2 ordered additional services or goods,

3.3.3. the method of payment of the purchase price,

3.3.4. the buyer's membership in the Asociace sportu pro radost (Association of Sports for Joy)

3.4. After paying the price for the object of purchase and after the end of the Event, a buyer with a delivery address in the Czech Republic will receive a race package with gifts in the visual style of the Event and gifts from the event partners at the delivery address specified in the order.

A buyer with a delivery address abroad, who pays the postage for "Europe" or "World", will be sent the race package at the delivery address specified in the order. If they are not interested in the delivery of the race package and / or do not choose any postage option, the buyer with a delivery address abroad will be provided with the object of purchase in a digital form at the e-mail address specified in the order.

3.5. Before sending the order to the seller, the buyer is allowed to check and change the data that the buyer has entered in the order, the buyer is allowed to detect and correct errors made when entering data in the order. The buyer sends the order to the seller by clicking on the "Complete the registration" button. The data in the order are thus deemed correct by the seller. Immediately upon receiving the order, the Seller will confirm that they have received it to the buyer by e-mail to the buyer's e-mail address specified in the order (hereinafter referred to as the "buyer's e-mail address").

3.6. The contractual relationship (purchase contract) between the seller and the buyer arises from the completion of registration (acceptance), which is sent by the seller to the buyer by e-mail, to the buyer's e-mail address.

3.7. In addition to the entry fee, the buyer has the opportunity to donate directly to the Nova Foundation, IČ: 26164698 (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation"), as a gift to this Foundation, which will provide the donated amount in full. Amounts of CZK 50, CZK 100, CZK 200, or CZK 500 can be donated.

3.8. Based on the cooperation agreement concluded with the Foundation, the Seller is only a place of payment and the Foundation is the recipient. Based on the said contract, the Foundation is obliged to provide the buyer - the donor at his written or e-mail request with a confirmation of the conclusion of the gift contract.


4.1. The price of the subject of purchase according to the purchase contract can be paid by the buyer to the seller in the following ways:

- cashless transfer to the seller's account;

- cashless payment card.

4.2. In the case of non-cash payment, the purchase price is payable within 3 days of concluding the purchase contract.

4.3. In the case of non-cash payment, the buyer's obligation to pay the purchase price is met when the relevant amount is credited to the seller's account.


5.1. If the buyer activates his/her membership in the Asociace sportu pro radost, z.s., located at Přívozní 2a, 170 00 Prague 7, IČ: 05580421, entered in the Federal Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. L 67098, ("ASPR"), they are obliged to pay the ASPR membership fee at the same time as the race fee (for which, in this case, they will be granted a discount). The amount of the membership fee is published on the web interface during registration and the buyer confirms his intention to become a member of the ASPR and the obligation to pay the membership fee as part of the order.

5.2. As stipulated in the cooperation agreement concluded with ASPR, the Seller is only considered to be the payment place for the membership fee payment and ASPR is the recipient of the membership fee. At the buyer’s written or e-mail request, ASPR will provide confirmation of the membership fee payment.

5.3. On the basis of the request for ASPR membership, the buyer is provided with a discount on the race fee in the amount stipulated on the web interface. The buyers is entitled to a discount on the entry fee only if their membership in the ASPR is established in accordance with Article III. of the ASPR statutes. If the buyer does not meet the conditions for membership in the ASPR, the buyer loses the right to the discount on the race fee, which was provided to him during registration and is obliged to pay the amount equivalent to the discount to the seller. At the same time, the buyer is entitled to a refund of the membership fee, and the buyer agrees that the amount paid for the membership fee will be automatically reimbursed to the seller to go towards the payment of the entry fee discount.

5.4. If the discount on the entry fee exceeds the amount of the membership fee and if the buyer loses his/her right to a discount on the entry fee according to the provisions of Article 5.3. above, the seller is entitled to demand that the buyer pay the amount of the discount on the entry fee in full. Until the payment of the entire due amount, the seller is entitled to suspend the sending of the Event race package to the Buyer.

5.5. The amount of the membership fee for the year 2021 is CZK 150 per one member in all age categories.


6.1. The buyer-consumer acknowledges that according to the provisions of Art. 1837, letter j) of the Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Coll.), for the reasons stated therein, it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase agreement, the subject of which is the sale of a race fee for a race which is part of the Event.

6.2. If this is not a case according to paragraph 6.1. of this text or another exception provided for in Art. 1837 of the Civil Code, when it is not possible to withdraw from the contract, then if immediately after receiving the object of purchase, but no later than 14 days, the consumer finds that the goods do not suit him/her for any reason, they have the right to withdraw from the contract. If the consumer decides to exercise this right, they must send a notice of the exercise of the right to withdraw from the contract to the seller before the expiry of the relevant period. In the notice of withdrawal, the consumer shall identify the contract, in particular his name and surname, the order number and the date of purchase and the bank account number or address to which the refunded purchase price should be sent. The consumer may use the withdrawal notice form. At the same time, the buyer-consumer is obliged to return the goods within 30 days of withdrawal, complete, with complete documentation, undamaged, in the condition and at the value in which they received the goods. The money for the returned goods will be returned to the consumer within 14 days from the effective date of withdrawal from the purchase contract and upon the receipt of the returned goods. The costs associated with the return of goods (postage) are borne by the consumer. The seller will send the money, based on the buyer's request, to the account or by invoice to the address. The seller is entitled to refuse payment (refund of the purchase price) until the buyer-consumer fulfils their obligation to return the goods they received.

6.3. The seller emphasizes that the 14-day withdrawal period applies only to the consumer-buyer and only to those contracts to which the exceptions under Art. 1837 of the Civil Code do not apply, and in no case does it apply to a buyer who is not a consumer.


7.1. The Buyer acquires the right to participate in the Event by paying the full purchase price of the race fee, after being assigned a race number by the organizer of the relevant Event and in compliance with all current rules and regulations of the Event set by the seller or by the organizer of the Event as available at, which the buyer must get acquainted with before the Event and which they undertake to observe.

7.2. Participation in the Event is not legally enforceable. The seller or the organizer of the relevant Event reserves the right to not allow any buyer to start in the Event, especially those who have violated any of the rules of the Event or fair play or the rules of decency at the Event or in the previous years. Such a person will be refunded the race fee to the account they provided during his registration.

7.3. The out-of-court settlement of consumer complaints is provided by the seller via the electronic address The seller will send information on the settlement of the buyer's complaint to the buyer's e-mail address.

7.4. The buyer hereby assumes the risk of a change of circumstances in the sense of Art. 1765 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code.


8.1. The Seller states that in accordance with these conditions, the Buyer participates in a virtual race as part of the Event. No virtual service is provided by the seller in virtual races. For this reason, even more attention to safety and health is required of the participants in a virtual running race.

The buyer declares that:

- they are completely healthy, without health restrictions that would limit or prevent their participation in the Event;

- they participate in the Event of their own free will, solely at their own risk and responsibility, and assumes all responsibility arising from this decision;

- they acknowledge that the Event is physically exhausting and mentally demanding, and understand that there may be a risk of serious injury as part of its completion. They have considered this situation and are taking this risk entirely voluntarily.

- they are aware that they are responsible for the condition of their sports equipment;

- they got acquainted with the current rules and regulations of the Event as stipulated by the seller or the organizer of the Event, available at, and which they are obliged to comply with;

- they will get acquainted with possible changes in the rules, propositions and instructions of the organizer published before the start of the Event, or of the relevant race included in the Event, especially at

8.2. The Buyer is aware that neither the Seller nor the organizer is responsible for a health issue caused by participation in the Event. It is the buyer's obligation to have their health checked before the Event and to read all information provided by the organizer.

8.3. The buyer also irrevocably waives the right to compensation for any damage that they may incur or to which they are entitled, contractually or non-contractually, for any type of damage they incur directly or indirectly, whether in the form of bodily injury, damage to property, loss of ability to work, or pain and suffering due to or as a result of their participation in the Event. This disclaimer is provided for the benefit of the seller, the organizer and all their representatives, agents and subcontractors and all other persons participating in the Event actively or as spectators.


9.1. If the relationship established by the purchase contract contains an international (foreign) element, then the parties agree that the relationship is governed by Czech legislation. This does not affect the consumer's rights arising from generally binding legal regulations.

9.2. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid or ineffective, the invalid provision will be replaced by a provision whose meaning is as close as possible to the invalid provision. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

9.3. The purchase contract, including the terms and conditions, is archived by the seller in electronic form and is not accessible.

9.4. The seller’s contact information: delivery address: Skitour Klub, z.s, Přívozní 1064 / 2a, Prague 7, post code 170 00, e-mail address:


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