Little Anetka needs a new wheelchair. Will you help her?


Thanks to all of you the ČEZ SkiTour series is more than just a joyful event in the white tracks. Even this year, in the 57th edition, you can contribute to a good cause and provide help exactly where it's needed. Together, we will support Anetka, a 13-year-old warrior fighting against cerebral palsy. Her prospects haven't been rosy since birth. Two-thirds of her brain were irreversibly damaged – according to medical prognoses, Anetka was supposed to be bedridden, deaf, blind, and unable to communicate. However, this young lady showed the world that she envisions her life quite differently!

Through ČEZ SkiTour, via Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti – Pomozte dětem, each one of you can support Anetka.  You can do so in the registration procces in sportID. The funds raised will be used to purchase a new wheelchair and finance costly rehabilitations that insurance doesn't cover.


Anetka's story

Right from Anetka’s birth, my husband and I started applying intensive therapy using the Vojta method, gradually adding other therapies such as craniosacral biodynamics, hippotherapy, speech therapy, neurofeedback and neurological kinesiology. At the age of four we added neurorehabilitation and at the age of five, thanks to the combination of all these therapies, Anetka started to take her first independent steps. At that point, we added a locomotive (robotic gait training) and neurorehabilitation became our essential rehabilitation. Anetka still does it two to four times a year, depending on her needs and abilities. Anetka has had two foot surgeries, for three years she wore special orthopaedic braces from the Austrian company Pohlig, which were regularly adjusted to fit her, now we are testing her endurance with custom-made orthopaedic insoles made by the same company.  In the summer of 2020 Anetka developed epilepsy and is on full antiepileptic treatment. At the moment, Anetka is fully dependent on the help of a third party for all her activities.

With the combination of all the therapeutic treatments, Anetka can walk indoors and for shorter distances independently, for longer distances we use a wheelchair. On stairs she needs the support of a handrail or a support person. She is very resilient and tries to keep up with the people around, her younger sister Žofinka, who is 11 years old, is also a great motivation for her. Anetka has been attending a special primary school for sixth years. She is mentally at the level of a child of about 5 years old and struggles with severe psychomotor retardation. At the same time, she is very social and popular among other kids. She likes to paint, play with fluffy toys, she loves music and books (even though she can’t read) and enjoys riding her specifically adapted tricycle. Due to her intellectual disability, she is more interested in skills than gaining knowledge – she likes to help others, she likes to work in the kitchen and she enjoys being useful. Unfortunately, she is rather limited by her motor disability in this.

Anetka loves obstacle courses where a team of volunteers always help her to overcome all the obstacles and get to the finish line. Just like we try to overcome the obstacles in Anetka’s life together and reach our goal which is that one day she could live an independent and happy life. This would not be possible without various foundations and all the bigger and smaller donors, because the therapies that help Anetka are not covered by health insurance. We appreciate all this help immensely for without it we would not be able to give Anetka the care she receives, and the negative prospects she was given at birth might have been fulfilled.

We will use the financial support we will get from NROS – Pomozte dětem for getting a new wheelchair, because she has outgrown the one she has at the moment. We would like to use the rest to pay for neurorehabilitation sessions which are an essential part of her life.

We love Anetka very much, she’s our sunshine and our love and with her sister Žofinka they make a great team. Our life with her has taught us to appreciate the little things and it has strengthened the most important thing – our family. Anetka will always get as much of our support as possible.



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