Jump into the virtual CEZ SkiTour series and not just on skis


You must have noticed that the epidemic situation in the Czech Republic is not getting better and so far we couldn’t meet at the start on any of the races. Since we don’t live beyond the polar circle and there is not enough snow all year round we can’t postpone the dates for individual races any longer.

That’s why we’ve decided to see this year as a challenge and do the CEZ SkiTour in a virtual format. You will appreciate that at the end of the season you will be in top shape for the summer season and attain a perfect body for the beach or at least a bit of peace of mind that you have done something for yourself during the coronavirus restrictions. It still holds true that movement and sport enhances our immunity and it is one of the best ways to stay healthy and in good shape in this situation.

What is Virtual CEZ SkiTour then?

  • You can compete in races that are part of the Virtual CEZ SkiTour from 5th February to 21st March 2021.
  • It’s up to you how many races of the series you’ll take part in.
  • It’s up to you where and when you’ll do the races.
  • You can take part in all six of the virtual races (Bedřichov Night Light Marathon, Zadovská 30, Orlický Marathon, JeLyMan, Krušnohorská 30 and CEZ Jizerska 50), and if you complete at least five of them you can get the title of the SkiTour Master and a prize.
  • CEZ Jizerska 50 has its own virtual race and it’s also part of the WorldLoppet Virtual Racing League. Find out more at
  • You can take part in the virtual races on skis, but also by doing any other sporting activity (cycling, running, hiking, skating etc.)
  • You measure your own performance (ideally using a mobile phone app or a sports watch) and upload your performance in your SportID account.

Race Fee:

  • the race fee for each of the races is 150 CZK
  • register at

Maybe you are asking what will happen to the race fee that you paid as part of the series. During February we’ll update you on the compensation scheme at the e-mail address you registered in your SportID. You don’t have to worry you’ll lose your money or your race fee. We’ll transfer it to the year 2022 or we’ll refund it in full to your account (not applicable for Jizerská 50). It depends which race you registered for.

We haven’t forgotten that we can still continue helping someone. Together with the NOVA Foundation we are helping eight-year-old Matěj. You can also use an app from our general partner ČEZ Group and help through their EPP - Pomáhej pohybem app. You record your virtual race including the kilometres you cover and then choose which projects you want ČEZ Foundation to contribute to financially.

In the Virtual CEZ SkiTour you can look forward to nice prizes too. Follow our social networks and the ČEZ SkiTour Club in Strava app where we’ll hand out prizes from our premium partner T-Mobile every week.

Don’t lose time, read everything about the Virtual CEZ SkiTour and get in the trail, put on your running shoes or your skates. It’s your choice whether you want to spend winter in hibernation like a bear or whether you will be able to boast a great form and the title of the SkiTour Master!

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