The organiser of the Virtual ČEZ SkiTour 2021 (hereafter only as Event) is Skitour Klub, z.s. at the address of Přívozní 1064/2a, Praha 7, PSČ 170 00, IČ: 05580421, entered in the Registry of the Municipal Court in Prague, section L, entry 67098. 

    • The Virtual ČEZ SkiTour 2021 takes place between 6 February and 21 March 2021 and it is an alternative sporting activityin relation to standard races.
    • The competitor can take part in the Event at any time between the dates of the Event and at any place
    • The competitor can cover any distance within the purchased registration using any sport activity (running, cycling, skating, walking etc) during which it is possible to measure the distance. The location of covering this distance is of their choice.
    • Races available for registration: 
      • Virtual Bedřichov Night Light Marathon
      • Virtual Zadovská 30
      • Virtual Orlický marathon
      • Virtual JeLyMan
      • Virtual Krušnohorská 30
    • The selected distance must be covered using one activity. It is not allowed to stop the time measurement or to divide the race into more segments.
    • The competitor is obliged to cover the whole course using only their efforts without help from others or any other assistance. In case of violation of this rule the organiser reserves the right to disqualify such competitor.
    • The time measurement and the recording of the activity is done by the competitor using their own devices (a sports watch, a smart phone etc).
    • Each competitor can enter only one activity record as part of one registration.
    • The performance will not be used to determine the start wave for the ČEZ SkiTour races in 2022.
    • The performance is counted towards the competition to win the SkiTour Master title and related prizes. The prize will be sent to the competitor if they take part in at least five of the six following races: Virtual Bedřichovský Night Light Marathon, Virtual Zadovská 30, Virtual Orlický marathon, Virtual JeLyMan, Virtual Krušnohorská 30 and Virtual Jizerská 50.
    • Due to the format of the virtual race there are no prizes for best ranks.
    • Competitors take part in the event at their own risk and by registering they state that their health allows them to take part in the Event.
    • Participants of a virtual race are not covered by an accident insurance. We recommend arranging the Český turista insurance from Pojišťovna VZPand having the Záchranka mobile app installed.
    • Only participants of 15 years of age or older can take part in the Event. Competitors below the age of 15 can take part only if accompanied by adults of 18 or older.
    • A competitor is obliged to comply with the current government regulations valid at the time of their participation in the Event. By taking part in the Event the competitor is not entitled to any exemption from the government regulations issued by the relevant authorities of the given country.
    • The participation package is sent to the address the competitor specified in their SportID account within 30 days after the end of the Event.
    • The organiser reserves the right not to publish unsuitable photographs uploaded as part of the performance.
    • The organiser reserves the right not to accept a performance which does not correspond to the activity presented.

    The environment is important to us, therefore we ask you to stay tidy when you take part in the event. Do not leave rubbish behind (bottles, food packaging etc.).


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