SkiTour Klub

What is SkiTour Klub?

SkiTour Klub is a Club whose mission is to protect the interests of its members and create conditions for their activities, especially in the field of sports. Skitour Klub aims to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle. The Club helps to organize sporting events or it organizes them itself. It supports the sports activities of children and youth with a focus on their everyday sporting activities, and also provides for the maintenance and operation of sports facilities used by children.

Who is a member of the Club?

Natural and legal persons can become members of the SkiTour Klub. A natural or legal person who is already a member of Svaz lyžařů České republiky, z.s.  (Czech Ski, hereinafter referred to as “SLCR”) or holds membership in an association that is a member of the SLCR cannot become a member of the Club.

What is a membership fee?

The SkiTour Klub membership fee is included in the race fee and therefore, for racers registered for Jizerska 50 the membership is free of charge. Membership is always valid for the calendar year of the race.*

What are the benefits of membership?

  • A CZK50 discount when registering for the Mini Jizerská Pojišťovny VZP children’s race.
  • SkiTour original kids hat - for children who enter the club for races within the SkiTour series **
  • Alive Card – Valid throughout the Czech Republic and entitles you to discounts at over 1 600 locations. It provides a whole range of discounts, from sports equipment and ski resorts season tickets to cafés and cultural events. To see the complete list of discounts please click here.
    – The card is for all Skitour Klub members upon paying the race fee from December 31, 2019 to January 1, 2020. For later payment 30 days after payment. (Members receive the card as part of the starting package at the race, during which they registered with the club).


Skitour Klub is only just beginning and more benefits for members will continually increase. 

To see the complete Articles of Association please click HERE.

To see the privacy policy and terms please click HERE.


* For children's races within SkiTour races the membership fee is 150 CZK

** Valid only for Bedrichovsky Night Light Marathon, Zadovska 30, Orlicky Marathon, Karlovska 50 and JeLyMan

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